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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Mathematics

The General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements

Group I–Basic Libral Arts Competency (12-21 Hours)

These courses in English, foreign languages, and history are intended to equip students with essential basic competencies in the liberal arts. Students are encouraged to demonstrate the level of accomplishment represented by Group I courses by means of advanced placement examinations. See the University Bulletin on advanced placement.

Group II–Quantative Competency (21 Hours)

These requirements are fulfilled by satisfying the Mathematics Pre-Major Requirements.

Group III–Humanities and Fine Arts (6 Hours)

Each student must pass at least 6 additional hours of study in the humanities; at least one course must be in fine arts.

Artistic Skill courses cannot be used for Group III credits.

Group IV–Social Sciences (6 Hours)

Complete 6 hours of approved courses in the social sciences.

Group V–Laboratory Sciences (8 Hours)


Complete 8 hours of approved courses in the laboratory sciences.