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College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Mathematics

Graduate Students

Name Office Phone Email
Dylan Bates LeConte 400K 777-7541
Sameed Ahmed LeConte 122 777-7436
Mohammed Alabbood LeConte 300A 777-7463
James Cameron Atkins LeConte 300A 777-7463
Shuliang Bai LeConte 107B 777-7425
Candace Bethea LeConte 301 777-3699
Gregory Clark LeConte 122 777-7436
Garner Cochran LeConte 314A 777-7506
Jack Dalton
Anton Dereventsov LeConte 309A 777-7444
Haley Dewey
Christopher Edgar LeConte 103A 777-7411
Blake Farman LeConte 317N 777-9709
Joseph Foster LeConte 104A 777-7424
Aaron Fowlkes
Peter Garhand
Joshua Grice LeConte 107B 777-7425
Brad Hall
Erin Hanna LeConte 104B 777-7424
Wilson Harvey LeConte 122B 777-7436
Jaree Hudson LeConte 104b 777-7424
Tracy Huggins LeConte 400A 777-7519
David Hughey LeConte 122A 777-7436
jacob Juillerat LeConte 107A 777-7425
Hannah Kimbrell
Ryan Kingery LeConte 122B 777-7436
Aditya Kiran LeConte 123B 777-7441
Alicia Lamarche LeConte 317N 777-9709
Julie Lang LeConte 300K 777-7463
Michael Levet LeConte 107A 777-7425
Tyler Lewis LeConte 300A 777-7463
Shuang Liu LeConte 400A 777-7519
Harsh Mehta LeConte 103A 777-7411
andrew Meier
Rade Musulin LeConte 122a 777-7436
Trevor Olsen LeConte 104A 777-7424
Jessica Otis
Erik Palmer LeConte 313A 777-4636
Josiah Reiswig LeConte 123B 777-7441
Demmas Salim
Spencer Saunders LeConte 400A 777-7519
Thomas Schnibben LeConte 107A 777-7425
Kevin Sheng LeConte 104A 777-7424
Inne Singgih LeConte 301 777-3699
Jeremiah Southwick LeConte 300K 777-7463
Gabe Staton LeConte 301 777-3699
Nicholas Stephenson
Anton Strizhov LeConte 309A 777-7425
James Sweeney LeConte 122A 777-7436
Joshua Thompson LeConte 400K 777-7541
Keller Vandebogert
Robert Vandermolen LeConte 317N 777-9709
Zhiyu Wang LeConte 314A 777-7506
Cuyler Warnock
Hays Whitlatch LeConte 107B 777-7425
Alexander Wiedemann LeConte 104B 777-2424
Robert Wilcox LeConte 122 777-7436
Dylana Wilhelm
Duncan Wright LeConte 400K 777-7541
Xiaofei Yi LeConte 314A 777-7506
Shuai Yuan LeConte 418A
Chenfei Zhang LeConte 418A
Zhengyan Zhang
Xeuping Zhao Sumwalt 103 777-7425
Xiangcheng Zheng LeConte 123B 777-7441